Sad January and New Years Resolutions

A nice photo to start the blog

Jan 31st 2016

I’m guessing not many people will read this unless I become some famous blogger or youtuber like Zoe , Poppy , Tanya and Dan and Phil( I will talk about them more another time).But if you are reading this , I hope you enjoy and I apologize for the many grammatical mistakes that follow in advance.I probably won’t end up being a famous internet sensation ; this is around how it’s gone and will go on.

Born- fun – Nursery – Primary school – Secondary ( ugh ) – College – Uni – Job – Family -Kids born ( maybe )

In the words of the Lion king it’s the circle of life.A topic I must get off of before I have another (*sounds scary music ) existential crisis .I’ll also talk more about that another time.

So… sad January is something I’ve been used to since I was really young.Imagine , it’s January ; people are trying to keep those unlikely new year’s resolutions .I didn’t make any as I thought to myself ” why make yourself go through such disappointment?”.January is more of a time to buy sweaters as it’s still freezing but there’s no snow ( thanks mother nature ) , write late Xmas thank you emails and binge watch missed Vlogmas videos .But anyway , it’s February now.

That’s all for now .

Fangirlin’ , out



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