Valentine’s Day


This is my youngest of 3 dogs Dino
Unfortunately , I will be alone this valentines day. Valentines is  great but should be all year round as there is never one time when you should stop showing you love to someone.Its about being with the ones you love and care about.Don’t worry if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend this year as there are plenty of Valentines Days to come. Because Valentine’s Day is about spending time with those who you love , dont spend it at home thinking about lonliness whilst eating the 3rd box of maltesers and watching marley and me because you aren’t alone.Spend this Valentines Day with any people you love .Whether its you parents , siblings ,significant others , children or just your best friends .

Another thing is dont worry about what people think of who you’re with .By this I mean people that are gay or bisexual or pansexual because all that matters is that you spend Valentines with the ones you love as it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight . Please dont be alone this Valentines.

Thanks for reading again .If you dont have a boyfriend or girlfriend I love all my readers so we can all find a valentine .Please leave me a like if you enjoyed this cheesy , nice blog and tell me some of your best Valentine’s stories in the comments.Thanks for reading.

Fangirlin’ , out.




Disclaimer !! :Please don’t judge me for the Youtubers I watch as everyone is different.


As you can see by the title, today I am talking about Youtube.I have been watching youtube since I was around eight or nine and I have been watching it ever since.It’s a big world , Youtube .You could say that about the Internet in general.Even here!!This is our corner of internet to share and do whatever we like with it and simply be ourselves.Some of my favourite youtubers include..

  • Dan + Phil ( Phan )
  • Zoella + Alfie (Zalfie)
  • Tanya Burr + Jim Chapman ( Janya )
  • Marcus Butler
  • Thatcherjoe
  • Caspar Lee
  • SprinkleofGlitter ( A.K.A Louise Pentland )
  • Catrific
  • Joey Graceffa
  • Tyler Oakley
  • + many , many more ..

Please leave a comment on what Youtubers you watch whether it’s Tyler Oakley , Phan or someone I haven’t even mentioned and who is your youtube OTP ?I hope you are enjoying these blogs and I will be back soon.

Fangirlin’   ,  out.

Sad January and New Years Resolutions

A nice photo to start the blog

Jan 31st 2016

I’m guessing not many people will read this unless I become some famous blogger or youtuber like Zoe , Poppy , Tanya and Dan and Phil( I will talk about them more another time).But if you are reading this , I hope you enjoy and I apologize for the many grammatical mistakes that follow in advance.I probably won’t end up being a famous internet sensation ; this is around how it’s gone and will go on.

Born- fun – Nursery – Primary school – Secondary ( ugh ) – College – Uni – Job – Family -Kids born ( maybe )

In the words of the Lion king it’s the circle of life.A topic I must get off of before I have another (*sounds scary music ) existential crisis .I’ll also talk more about that another time.

So… sad January is something I’ve been used to since I was really young.Imagine , it’s January ; people are trying to keep those unlikely new year’s resolutions .I didn’t make any as I thought to myself ” why make yourself go through such disappointment?”.January is more of a time to buy sweaters as it’s still freezing but there’s no snow ( thanks mother nature ) , write late Xmas thank you emails and binge watch missed Vlogmas videos .But anyway , it’s February now.

That’s all for now .

Fangirlin’ , out